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Can I rent Mixtape for a private event?

While we once did private rentals, Mixtape is currently not available for private events.

Can I have a party or host a meet-up at Mixtape?

As mentioned on our homepage, Mixtape is not designed to accommodate large groups. We are small in size and have limited seating as our space is not a venue or large restaurant, but a single-room neighborhood lounge. Mixtape is a great place to meet some friends for drinks, but we may not be the best choice for groups of 6+ (depending on the night / event). Large, organized groups may be asked to leave if there is not space available or if they are disruptive to other customers. For any questions please contact info@mixtapepgh.com.

I came on a Friday or Saturday night. Why is someone scanning IDs at the door?

On nights that we may be potentially busier (Fridays, Saturdays, special events), Mixtape is strictly 21+ and we will have a staff member scanning IDs at the door. This is both for your safety and for ours. Though Mixtape is a small place, it is important for us to know, not only that all our guests are of legal drinking age, but to also have a roster of who is visiting our establishment in the rare event of an incident. Everyone must have a valid form of ID accepted by the PA Liquor Control Board.

What did your door person scan my ID with? It looks like a phone.

At no point will any employee ever scan a guest's ID using a personal or even business phone. The device the employees use to card guests is a company-owned iPod (essentially, a hand-held computer) that we purchased solely to run a secure scanning software. We pay a monthly subscription for an ID service, which encrypts and protects the data. Rather than attach a bulky and expensive card swipe, the program uses the iPod's camera to scan the barcode on your ID. This hardware functions exactly the same as any of the bulkier devices you may have seen at other establishments, it just scans the barcode using a lens rather than a swipe. IDs that are damaged or do not have a barcode may be photographed. Personal information is never shared with any third parties.

Do you offer table or cocktail service?

We do not, but our bartenders and staff members are super-friendly and love to see you! Please visit the counter for service.

Do you take any reservations for seating?

No, we do not. Seating is available on a first-come basis.

Is Mixtape kid-friendly?

Kids are fantastic, however, Mixtape is, first and foremost, a cocktail bar and is designed for an adult crowd (don't let the bean bag furniture and board games fool you). During daytime hours, some customers like to bring their children in for a sandwich or smoothie, but we do not allow minors after 7pm sharp (no exceptions). Friday and Saturday evenings are strictly 21+.

*Children must be directly supervised by an adult at all times. Any adult (or group) who does not properly supervise or allows children with them to be disruptive in any manner, as determined by management, will be asked to leave. Please note, children who are not seated directly with an adult in their party are not properly supervised.

What's the deal with bringing outside food?

We always allow customers to bring in outside food (except during large events when stated / outside beverages are always prohibited), but we do have to ask for a few courtesies. As a small cocktail bar and lounge, we strive to make our atmosphere as comfortable for all guests as possible. We ask that guests do not bring more food than will fit at your table as this is not a venue for large parties. Food (and food waste - boxes, napkins, etc.) left unattended will be discarded by staff. Stop in for a few drinks with friends and grab a pizza next door at Pizza Fiesta or bring your favorite carryout. We might even be able to hook you up with some hot sauce or utensils - please do not hesitate to ask or contact us with questions.

I thought this was a chill place? It was slammed when I was in. What's the deal?

We do sometimes experience unexpected rushes just like any other bar or restaurant in town, but it's likely that you were visiting us on a First Friday. Penn Avenue throws a monthly gallery crawl on the first Friday of each month called "Unblurred." On this night, it is very likely that our bar will reach capacity. Though we try our best to keep up with service, please keep in mind that the traffic on this night is much higher than any other night of the month, and that the craft cocktails and coffee beverages we specialize in do take longer to make than drinks at a "beer and shot" type of place. If you don't want to stand in line at the bar for your drinks, consider downloading the Srvd App. It's super rad (and was created by some great, local people). You can order and pay for express drinks (beer, wine, spirits, call drinks) right from your phone, then wait in the comfort of your seat. You'll get a text when your order is ready. Skip the line and pick up your drinks at the service station on the end of our bar. 

Will Mixtape host a fundraiser for a cause I support or an organization I'm involved with?

Charity work is very important to us. While we wish we could help everyone, our resources are limited and we strive to maintain consistency during our day-to-day operations. We donate all cash "tips" left at the bar to a featured local charity/non-profit and may occasionally host fundraiser happy hours for this featured organization. We are unable to host happy hours or fundraisers for other charities. If you represent a local non-profit or charity and would like to be considered for our tip donations, please feel free to contact us via email (info@mixtapePGH.com). Note: We may not be able to respond to each individual inquiry due to the extremely high volume of requests we receive.

When do you have DJs at Mixtape?

DJs are only hosted at Mixtape for special occasions (please check out our calendar page or follow us on Facebook for updates). While we once hosted DJs every Saturday night, we now only have DJ nights on special occasion due to a high number of requests to preserve our laid-back lounge atmosphere regularly on the weekends. If you visit us on a Saturday and have a few requests, don't hesitate to let us know. We might be able to make it happen ;) 

Can I DJ at Mixtape?

Perhaps! If you think you might like to DJ at our place, send us an email (info@mixtapePGH.com) with a little bit about your music and past venues/events you've performed.

Can my band play at Mixtape?

We typically only host live bands during Unblurred / First Fridays on Penn or for special events. If you're in a band and think you might like to perform, please send us an email (info@mixtapePGH.com). Be sure to include information about past shows you've played, what size crowd you expect to bring, how your band promotes performances, and samples of your music. Supporting local music is important to us - we prefer to book bands that are from the Pittsburgh area.