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What do you mean you don't take tips?

At Mixtape, we believe in giving back to our community. To provide a better work environment for our staff, and better experience for our customers, we do not accept gratuity. Because many of our lovely customers still insisted on leaving cash at the bar, we decided that we would take all of our “tips” and donate them to a local non-profit. We have raised thousands of dollars for a handful of amazing non-profits in our city, and even right in our own neighborhood. If you want to show us a little love, and leave a few dollars on the bar, just know that it means so much to us to be able to give it to a good cause.



Recognized as a state and national leader in waste reduction and recycling, the remainder of PRC's work focuses on litter and visual blight prevention, watershed awareness, and composting. PRC sponsors many Hard-to-Recycle, E-Waste, Household Chemical and Pharmaceutical Collections throughout Pennsylvania every year.